executives in business 2019

hey, it is always useful to take a punt….

we all have instinctive powers, play, dream …. freelance

THE REALITY; europa does not love us, inflation is destructive, boris seeks power.

One Job : one life . Get on with your allies, or name and blame games will play havoc with your mind-set.

Mark 13th Oct.

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Why we give to recieve…. Who says we can’t ?

Many companies have tried to secure business using Government incentive initiatives , ( GIIs ). Some have failed to develop within their own communties through lack of resources.

  1. System Flows
  2. Opportunities
  3. University ties – Birmingham
  4. Leverage

We are like “Crows to the field”, lusting after our next meal, we want more but do not know how to get to it.

Persevere, plan & execute. That is the only way my dear readers !

Why Protectionism could benefit the UK economy !

We all love these challenging times, No ?

” Our staple insight & instinctive knee-jerk reactions are capable of dominating Western Europe, Yes.”

What do we have that is home grown, apart for financial services, a mist generation of potential. Rise Up ! Take command and apply

pressure onto Spanish & Italian traders.

  • Faith in agricultural oils
  • Desire to improve Medium-Sized industries ; Bio-Chem, Pharmas & By-Products from Steel
  • What we know is ” That somebody like you” can make, achieve & succeed.
  • Our Tact will ought

With many ties we over assume… A.1

Assumption is a tool that should never be applied as we enter into the darkest phase of Brexit.

Spain are playing games

Italy are over-spent

& Belgium hold only two Aces

Franco-German relations will develop into one of “The Longest Hot Dog” ever

Neo-Netherlands will laugh

& perhaps the Baltic States will jump to conclusions.

Rest up my dear associates-friends-readers