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hey, it is always useful to take a punt….

we all have instinctive powers, play, dream …. freelance

THE REALITY; europa does not love us, inflation is destructive, boris seeks power.

One Job : one life . Get on with your allies, or name and blame games will play havoc with your mind-set.

Mark 13th Oct.

Mark Branton making You shine

  • Scunthorpe, N.Lincs
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    Fluent in English, Basic German and French
    Executive Assistant at Rocal Doors Ltd, Printpak Ltd and Branton Associates (Heinz and Premier Foods)
    Skills; Microsoft Word,Excel,Access and Publisher. Trained to produce Work-Flow and Entity diagrams.
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    There are many solutions, many trail blazers. The junior doctors played the nhs for everything it is worth. How many will stay in the NHS? STUNNING! The shop floor in Scunthorpe is on 13 hours, the doctors & consultants drastically less. So, unison will have to up their game! Tweet for change http://www.twitter.com/VoiceFutures

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