Learning to rest & recuperate in Time Off


This infographic was crafted by Unum UK. Unum UK helps manage stress at work as part of employee benefits.

You may have your own technique,  or perhaps these tips could help.

Learn to switch of quickly, press the rest button as soon as you walk out the door.

  • Exercise
  • Plan good times ahead;  family get-togethers, holidays & parties
  • Coping hobbies, Painting, Gardening or whatever floats your boat
  • Therapies
  • Mediation
  • Or even just reading a book

Winning on paper & Your on – line presence

We seek only to highlight our true – self

A; On paper you can still make a positive impression by building a strong case. A good quality letter on water – marked A4 can turn heads & influence the reader.

B; Looking at other documents, an excel spreadsheet can go further with facts & figures. The data can then be displayed in pie – charts, graphs or donuts!

C; MAKING A VIRTUAL PRESENCE; can be a simple front page, blog site or even a Social Media Campaign.

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